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Top Ten Mom and Daughter Dates During Covid-19

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As a mom you know that keeping kids entertained during a pandemic is no small task. After months of remote school and work we could all use a break, but what is there to do? While businesses are opening slowly, many family-friendly spots are still shut down. Whether you did mom and daughter dates before Covid-19 or not, now is a great time to re-focus on our girls. With a little creativity and planning, you can set up some special events, even while social distancing.

Spa Day at Home

What could be better right now than a relaxing day of beauty? Though salons may be closed, you can easily make everything you need for fun and simple spa day right in your own home. Take a look at Project Nursery for some inspiration on creating a perfect day just for you and your girl. You can keep it simple and stick with one or two treatments, or go all out and really pamper yourselves. Even better, you will save a bundle compared to a visit to a real spa! For some added fun, check out this list of easy DIY masks from Marie Claire. Don't forget to set out some spa water infused with fruit and healthy snacks. By the end of the day you will both be feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world together!

Geocaching Adventure

Can't stand anymore time inside the house? Just pack up a backpack and grab your smartphone for a treasure hunt that takes no prep at all! If you're not familiar with geocaching, you'll want to read this post from Stephanie at Parenting Chaos. All you need is a simple app that will use your GPS to guide you to a hidden stash. These caches could be just a simple note, or may include little toys or items to trade. Just make sure you select a spot that's not too tricky to access with kids. The app will tell you the level of difficulty, so you know what you're signing on for before you start. The best part about geocaching? It's practically free!

Roll Out the Red Carpet

If you're family is anything like mine, you have been getting plenty of screen time in the last few months! It's true that plopping down in front of Netflix is hardly an event these days, but you can make a movie night into a special mom and daughter date with just a few extra touches. Like other ideas on this list, you can keep it simple or really pull out all the stops. Get some ideas from this BuzzFeed list, like making your own big screen with a sheet and projector. Don't forget the popcorn!

Gourmet Gals

Do you have a budding chef on your hands? Some mom and daughter dates never go out of style, and there's nothing more classic than cooking together. Getting hands on in the kitchen is practically a rite of passage for daughters and it teaches important life skills. Half of the fun is in the planning. Go through cookbooks together and let your daughter take the lead. Want to kick it up a notch? Splurge on matching aprons like this adorable set from The Phat Mermaid Shop on Etsy.

DIY Divas

After so much time at home, chances are you're bored of seeing the same old spaces. Upgrade your interior with a fun DIY project that you and your daughter can do together. There are really endless ideas out there, the key is picking the right project to spark her imagination. You'll not only work as a team, but at the end you will have a special souvenir from your day together. DIY Joy has a ton of cool crafts perfect for your daughter's room. For little ones find something simple like painting letters to spell out her initials. Bigger girls can tackle more complex projects like these easy wood crafts from


If you've never heard of glamping you're missing out! Combine the glamour of luxury travel with camping and voila! You have a getaway even the most bug-phobic girl can enjoy. You don't even have to leave home. The key to glamping is creating a super-special environment, where you can relax in luxury. Whether you build your own blanket fort indoors or get a tricked out tent for the yard, make sure to fill it with soft pillows and blankets for lounge time. Gourmet marshmallows and champagne flutes with sparkling juice take it to the next level.

Water Wars

Are you ready for some friendly competition? Turn your backyard into a battle arena for an epic water war! Break out the hose and set out tubs of water balloons. Grab some spare buckets and even toss in some ice cubes if you dare! No one is getting out of this mom and daughter date dry, but you're sure to beat the summer heat. For extra fun, round up some big cardboard boxes to build fortifications you can hide behind. If you're feeling extra crafty, follow this tutorial from Jennifer at Mom Spotted blog to make your own sponge bombs!

Magic Tea Party

This may be the ultimate little girl dream date! Gather some favorite dolls for an afternoon tea sprinkled with fantasy. Check out this fairytale tea party from The Spruce and this unicorn tea time from for inspiration. The only limit is your imagination, when it comes to creating this special event for you and your daughter to enjoy! Make sure to include some delicate touches like doilies and fancy finger foods on your tea table to make the afternoon even more memorable.

Canvas Creations

It's just like the popular "paint and sip" evenings for adults, minus the wine! All you need is a few affordable canvases, brushes, and paint. You can follow a tutorial like these from Tracy Kiernon. If your little girl is younger, help her out by prepping a canvas with tape like in this video, or just let her go to town creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. And roll up your sleeves because mom should make one too!

Virtual Vacay

With travel on hold this summer, many vacation destinations are offering the next best thing: virtual tours. Brainstorm with your daughter about the trip of her dreams, and look for online resources to re-create it! For example, the Independent has put together a virtual guide to Paris with video tours, museum walkthroughs, and even recipes to recreate Parisian cuisine! Another great resource is Google Earth, which will show you anywhere on the planet in beautiful detail. You can even print some pretend boarding passes for your traveling companion to really up the fun!

Whatever you decide to do with your daughter, what matters is making the most of being together. Show her just how special she is by setting up a spectacular date that she is sure to love.

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